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chiropractic and infants

Birth is hard for mom AND for baby. We forget that newborns have gone through an incredible transition and now must adapt to a whole new world. New smells, noises, temperatures, movement - all of which can cause a lot of neurological stress. Chiropractic care for infants is vital in helping a newborn’s neurological system deal and handle the new stresses of their environment. Adjustments help to relieve any physical stress on the newborn's spinal system that may have occurred due to their position in the womb or during the birth process. Adjustments also help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (aka the rest and digest system) which promotes relaxation and healthy sleep patterns. 

We are unique in our approach to caring for infants. In honoring that the body knows best, we apply gentle tension release on ligaments and fascia allowing the body to heal on its own time once the tension is released. Everyone is different, newborns included, so the amount of time it takes truly depends on the infant/child. 

chiropractic and children

Most children on a regular basis fall, trip, plunge, topple and spin their way to injuries. From the moment they start walking to just fun play to sports, it’s inevitable that children will experience injury, of some kind. Whether it is just a knocked knee or a concussion our nervous system takes a beating.


Adjustments help to allow those spinal nerves to function properly returning the body to normal physiological and biomechanical function. This guarantees that our growth and development continue uninterrupted!   

Specific Techniques

sacrotuberous ligament release

This is a contact and correction to the sacrotuberous ligament.  This ligamanent is at the tip of your sacrum to the ischial tuberousity (the hard bone in the meat of the butt cheek). A tighten sacrotuberous ligament can cause problems with urinating, pooping, gas release and will lead to pelvic imbalance that may impact crawling and walking. A gentle release of this ligament leads to relaxation of the fascia and ligamentous tissue from sacrum up to the head allowing any other bony structure that needs to move the freedom to do so.

cranial sacral therapy

This technique is a gentle release of the ligaments and fascia in the cranium working down to the sacrum. This therapy’s goal is to restore the flow of energy throughout the body’s fascia.  Specifically, we use this with children who are/have tongue/lip ties or have had a traumatic birth.

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