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chiropractic and preconception

"We got married when we were both 27 years old. We still felt young and had careers we were focusing on so the thought of having a baby right away didn’t occur to us. We were happy to be married and living together, getting into our new lives and new routines as a couple. Of course, I was on birth control and had been most of my teens and 20s since a baby was NOT on my to-do list. So two and a half years into marriage my husband and I decide that we want to start our family. The next logical step was to stop the birth control and start trying…..  what no one tells you is that it isn’t that easy. My system had synthetic hormones for the better part of 12 years, my body had no idea what it was doing without help. Unaware of this my husband and I tried and tried for a baby but we couldn’t conceive since I wasn’t ovulating. And on the rare occasion, I did ovulate the egg wasn’t healthy enough to implant. All of this I learned after a year of trying. That year was the longest and most exhausting year of my life. It took a toll on my husband and I, our relationship became strained and sex was just a job that had to be done during the week window of when I should be ovulating. We are exhausted mentally and emotionally. What is our next step? Do we put thousands of dollars into IVF or IUI? Will it even work? What are the long term effects of those drugs?"

Does this women’s story resonate with you and your journey to motherhood?


There are women out there who are dealing with this situation or a slightly different version of this every day. They feel helpless - on the schedule for the rounds of medications and financially wondering how many they truly will be able to afford. Wondering, "will we ever have a baby to love on?". Months pass, the negative pregnancy tests keep piling up, appointments keep coming and going with no positive tests….  You start to feel worn down.


You hold on to hope that one day it will work. You would do anything to have that baby to hold onto so you keep going and keep hoping. Your husband is supportive but the emotional, physical and financial stress starts to cause wedges in your relationship.

At one point you start to think, "there has to be another way…  a better option". You start to do more research. Start to ask questions.

You start spending time learning about yourself and your body. You start to grow in your knowledge and you start to become in awe of the power your body truly has. No drugs, no procedures - just respecting and understanding the body and the logic that when given what it needs it will work the miracles on its own. You want to start feeling that connection with your body. You want to start feeling like you again.


Are you ready to see this world?  This option?

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